Our history

Our story starts from a walk on the Trieste Karst, specifically in Opicina...

Strolling among the wonderful villas of Opicina, seeing a house from which ancient splendors now dormant shine through, imagining it at its best, full of light, parties, interesting people, who knows how much history those walls could tell.

Our curiosity is tickled and it becomes difficult to stop, the spark of love at first sight has been ignited. Eventually, with much effort and commitment we manage to buy it, it seems like a dream, a dream come true.
Little by little her history is revealed, we find texts, ancient contracts, our old lady slowly regains her polish that was only concealed, never gone.

The history of our home, your B&B.

It was once an inn, given its strategic location on the road from Trieste to Vienna, in 1880 it was purchased with some neighboring land, by a wealthy Trieste family of the Habsburg period who made it their summer residence, dancing parties alternated with moments of leisure and games.
In 1914 the catastrophe of World War I began, and the villa housed high-ranking officers of the Austro-Hungarian army; it was also home to Charles I of Austria, the last emperor of the Empire before its disintegration. He went to the war front with Italy and, coming from Vienna, liked to stop in Opicina, the nobility of Trieste contended with him, and the villa of the Albori barons was one of his favorites.

Guests of a B&B in Trieste with a utracentennial history.

The villa then originated on the grounds of an inn and its owners gladly hosted, so how not to make it a bed and breakfast devoted to hosting people from all parts of the world?